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Impact Crusher Common Question

Impact Crushers and jaw crushers, cone crushers, VSI crushers, hammer crushers, etc. are commonly used mine crushing equipment. Due to their simple structure, low price and good grain size, they are welcomed by many users. This article summarizes several common questions about Impact Crushers and hopes to help you.

1. Why Doesn't The Impact Crusher Have A Flywheel?

We know that the jaw crusher has a flywheel and a sheave. What is the role of the flywheel? The main function is to balance the weight of the sheave, followed by the storage of energy. Compared with the jaw crusher, the transmission part (spindle, sheave) of the Impact Crusher is installed at a relatively lower position, which has a good stabilizing effect on the body. Secondly, the rotor of the Impact Crusher is very heavy, much larger than the weight of the flywheel, so that the transmission of the single flywheel has little effect on the smoothness of the machine. Again, the Impact Crusher has no idle travel and does not require flywheel energy storage. Therefore, the Impact Crusher does not have a flywheel installed.

2. Why Do Some Impact Crushers Have A Chain Screen?

Generally speaking, the three-chamber Impact Crusher does not have a chain curtain, and the European version of the Impact Crusher with only two large inlets is available because the two-chamber European version of the Impact Crusher has a large inlet and two counter-attacks. Compared with the upper end, it is almost parallel with the inlet, and the chain curtain can prevent the stone from being bombed. Therefore, this type of Impact Crusher is equipped with a chain curtain.

3, The Common Impact Crusher Is Generally Equipped With 4 Hammers, So In Order To Improve Production Efficiency, Why Not Add Two Hammers?

In fact, the manufacturer mainly considers three factors in design: 1. the granularity of discharge; 2. the output; 3. the cost (the production cost of the equipment manufacturer and the maintenance and replacement cost of the user).

We know that after the material enters the Impact Crusher, it is repeatedly crushed between the hammer and the counterattack, so the wear of these two components is more serious. If the number of hammers is large, the production costs will increase for equipment manufacturers and users. On the other hand, as the number increases, the number of breaks between the hammer and the counterattack plate increases, resulting in a finer discharge size and a lower yield. In order to maintain the balance of overall production, the number of hammers is not as good as possible.

4. How To Adjust The Discharge Granularity Of The Impact Crusher?

Ordinary Impact Crushers are generally manually adjusted, and the European version of the Impact Crusher is hydraulically adjusted to increase or decrease the distance between the first and second Impact Crushers and the rotor.

However, if the European version of the third-stage Impact Crusher is adjusted as follows (this is to adjust the small pitch, if the adjustment is large, please reverse the operation): first loosen the fixing screw of the adjusting washer, then the hydraulic cylinder moves, push the spring inside To make the distance between the counterattack and the rotor smaller, install the outer gasket inside, and then loosen the hydraulic cylinder until the limit plate is stuck with the gasket inside.

5. What Are The Wearing Parts Of The Impact Crusher? How Long Is The Service Life?

The main wearing parts of the Impact Crusher are plate hammer, counterattack plate, side lining plate, etc. The service life is about 1 month (or even a week), 2 months, 3 months, and the actual service life needs to be actual. The situation prevails. Generally, when configuring consumables, the configuration ratio of the three is 3:2:1.

6. There Are Straight-Plate (Rectangle) Plate Hammers For Counterattack Plates, And Some Crescent-Shaped (Circular Arc) Plate Hammers. Which Is Better?

Generally speaking, the straight plate hammer is an old-fashioned plate hammer shape, which is used for the ordinary Impact Crusher and adopts the briquetting fixing method; the crescent shape is mostly used for the European version of the Impact Crusher, and the wedge fast fixing method is adopted, and the broken contact area is Bigger.

7. What Are The Fixing Methods Of The Hammer? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each?

There are three common types: screw fixing, plate fixing and wedge fixing. Screw fixing: The screw is exposed on the striking surface, it is easily damaged, and the screw is subjected to large shearing force. Once it is cut, it will cause serious accident. Platen fixing: The plate hammer is inserted into the groove of the rotor from the side, and the two ends are pressed by the pressure plate. However, this fixing method makes the hammer difficult to be firm, and the hammer is easy to loose during work. Wedge fixing: the method of fixing the hammer to the rotor by using wedges. Under the action of centrifugal force, this fixing method can ensure the faster the rotor speed, the firmer the hammer is fixed, and the work is reliable, and the replacement is convenient. This is a better way to fix the hammer.

8. What Is The Difference Between A Broken Line Counterattack And A Circular Arc Counterattack? Which Is Better?

There are two common types of counterattacks: a broken line and a circular arc. The line-shaped counter-attack plate has a simple structure, but does not guarantee the most effective impact crushing of the ore. The arc-shaped counterattack plate is more commonly used in involute shape. The characteristics of this structure are that at each point of the counterattack plate, the ore is impacted in a vertical direction, and the crushing efficiency is high.

9, Are Commonly Used Two Broken, When To Use A Impact Crusher When To Use A Cone Crusher?

First of all, the crushing materials suitable for the two are different. The Impact Crusher is suitable for crushing medium and hardness and less brittle materials, such as limestone and limestone. The cone crusher can crush some hard materials such as granite. Basalt, tuff, river pebbles, etc. Secondly, the Impact Crusher has good grain shape, less edge and corners, and more powder; the cone crusher has more needles and less grain shape, which is why some sand production lines use Impact Crushers. s reason. Then, compared with the Impact Crusher, the cone crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output, stable production, etc., so the cone crusher is often used for large-scale high-yield production line operations. Finally, the price of the cone crusher is more expensive than that of the Impact Crusher, but the life of the consumable parts is longer, avoiding the trouble of frequently replacing parts. In the long run, the cone crusher is more cost-effective than the Impact Crusher. high. It can be understood that the Impact Crusher has low initial purchase cost and high post-maintenance cost; the front-end cost of the cone crusher is high, and the late input cost is low.

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