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Why Is The Main Beam Of The Vibrating Screen Easy To Break?

The main beam of the vibrating screen refers to the beam supporting the vibrator at the upper part of the screen frame, also called the girders. Generally, the vibrating screen of the box vibrator has a very sturdy main beam, and its working condition is crucial to the life of the sieve. However, the main beam fracture is a problem often encountered in vibrating screens, and it is not easy to repair after fracture, which seriously affects production. So what causes the main beam to break? This article is for you to analyze.

Operational Use Factor

According to production experience, there are several main reasons why the main beam breaks during use:

1, Loose Bolts

When the bolts are loose, the movement of the two exciters will destroy the cyclical force of the inertial force of the girder, which will inevitably cause the exciting force generated by the vibrator to violently impact the main beam. The girders are subjected to an abnormal impact force, causing the main beam. fracture.

2, There Is Accumulated Material

Exciting girders often have accumulated materials. If they are not cleaned in time, local wear will be caused to the girders and the girders will break.

3, Overload Or Load Start

Overload or load start is mainly caused by the loss of the spring and motor of the sieve machine, and often the overload will cause the spring coefficient of the sieve machine to change. The sieve machine will have the difference of the amplitude of the front, back, left and right, and the movement track of the material will occur. Change, the impact on the screen frame, screen gang increases, cracking occurs.

4, The Feeding Is Not Correct

The feeding system of the production system is not correct. The impact of the material not only has a large local wear on the screen machine, but the horizontal impact force also destroys the overall force balance of the screen machine. Therefore, the influence of the material feeding on the life of the screen machine is particularly serious.

5, The Excitation Motor Is Not Working Properly

The abnormal operation of the excitation motor can directly lead to the rupture of the girders. Generally, there will be abnormal noises before the occurrence of similar situations. Some routine maintenance methods are very easy to cause such accidents. For example, if the vibration device is heated at high temperature, it will be cooled by watering. The life of the vibrator and the screen girders is greatly affected.

6, The Excitation Force Is Too Large

The excitation force is too large, and the load on the screen machine is large, which seriously affects the life of the screen machine beam.

Design Factor

The main beam functions to support the vibrator and transmit the exciting force. The force of the main beam includes:

Gravity: includes the gravity of the vibrator and the gravity of the main beam itself.

Exciting force: The exciting force generated by the vibrator is entirely borne by the main beam.

Inertia force: The inertial force generated by the vibrator and the main beam during the vibration of the sieve.

In addition to gravity, the exciting force and the inertial force are alternating loads, and the exciting force is concentrated. Therefore, the design of the main beam is not only to calculate the strength, but also to consider the force on the structure to minimize the weight.

In addition, the two ends of the main beam are connected with the side plates of the screen frame by high-strength bolts, so the specifications and the number of bolts must be correctly calculated.

In order to avoid the risk of breakage of the main beam in design, it is necessary to carefully select the manufacturer and select a manufacturer with higher reliability.

Manufacturing Factor

Manufacturing must be manufactured according to the requirements of the drawings. Pay attention to the technical requirements of the marking, the manufacturing is slightly neglected, and the main beam is prone to problems.

Manufacturing must pay attention to the following points:

1. Welding: The specified welding rod should be used, there must be no welding defects, and the welding process should ensure that the welding deformation is small.

2, to use a reasonable process to ensure the geometric tolerance of the main beam.

3. Heat treatment according to the drawings.

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