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Lattice Ball Grinding Machine VS Overflow Ball Grinding Machine

The Ball Grinding Machine is the key equipment for crushing the material and then crushing it. It is the current grinding machine used in the concentrator. According to the different methods of mine discharge, the Ball Grinding Machine can be divided into a lattice type Ball Grinding Machine and an overflow type Ball Grinding Machine. What is the difference between the two Ball Grinding Machines?


1, The Structure Is Basically The Same

The structure of the two Ball Grinding Machines is basically the same, mainly consisting of the cylinder part, the ore supply part, the mine discharge part, the bearing part, the transmission part and the lubrication system.

2, The Workflow Is Similar

During the work, after the ore is sent to the cylinder, the cylinder will rotate around the horizontal axis according to the specified speed. At the same time, the ore will be freely plunged or thrown by the centrifugal force and the friction of the grinding medium, thus being impacted and It is pulverized by grinding and peeling, and the products after grinding are discharged through the discharge department.

The Difference

1. Structure Of The Mine Discharge Department

The basic structure of the two is the same as the milling process, but the structure of the mining department is different.

The grid side of the lattice type Ball Grinding Machine is equipped with a lattice liner (this is also why it is named a lattice type Ball Grinding Machine), and there is one grid plate at the discharge end, and there are many discharge holes on the grid plate. The milled pulp passes through the lattice liner and is lifted to a level higher than the discharge port through the fan-shaped chamber leading to the discharge port, so that the slurry is discharged from the mill.

The grate plate is not installed on the discharge side of the overflow Ball Grinding Machine, but on the inner surface of the hollow journal bushing at the discharge end, the spiral blade with the spiral direction and the opposite direction of the rotation of the mill is arranged to prevent the water ball or the coarse material. The ore mass is discharged together with the slurry, and the discharge of the overflow Ball Grinding Machine is self-flowing by the slurry itself above the lower edge of the hollow journal bushing (this is also why it is named an overflow Ball Grinding Machine).

2, The Discharge Granularity

The upper limit of the particle size of the grating type Ball Grinding Machine grinding product is generally 0.2 to 0.3 mm, so it is often used in the first stage of grinding, and often forms a closed circuit cycle with the spiral classifier.

The overflow Ball Grinding Machine grinding product is generally less than 0.2mm in particle size, which is suitable for re-grinding of concentrates and can obtain finer qualified products.

3, Discharging Method

The lattice type Ball Grinding Machine discharges through the sieve plate, and the material of the overflow Ball Grinding Machine is automatically overflowed, and when the material level is higher than the discharge port, the material is automatically discharged.


4, Production Capacity

The working characteristics of the lattice type Ball Grinding Machine are mainly forced discharge and high production capacity. The mill is placed in the first stage of grinding operation, which can obtain higher processing capacity, but the product size is coarser than that of the overflow Ball Grinding Machine.

5, Grinding Effect

The steel ball inside the lattice Ball Grinding Machine is large and small, and when the steel ball is lifted to a certain height to fall back, the ball has a relatively large drop height on the relatively low pulp surface. Therefore, the impact of the steel ball on the material is strong, The crushing effect of the mineral material is large and the grinding effect is better.


6, Over-Grinding Phenomenon

The lattice plate and the fan-shaped indoor lifting bucket of the lattice Ball Grinding Machine realize a low level of forced discharge. The finely ground ore particles stay in the Ball Grinding Machine for a short time and are discharged in time to reduce the over-grinding phenomenon of the gravel.

The overflow Ball Grinding Machine belongs to the unforced high level discharge, the discharge speed is slow, and the mineral material stays in the machine for a long time, so the over-grinding phenomenon is serious.

7, Maintenance Difficulty

In contrast, the overflow Ball Grinding Machine has a simple structure and convenient maintenance, and the structure of the lattice Ball Grinding Machine discharge makes it easy to block the grid plate during work, and the maintenance is complicated.

Advantages And Disadvantages Analysis

Lattice Ball Grinding Machine

Advantages: fast discharge rate, can reduce the over-grinding of gravel, and increase the output per unit volume, which is higher than the output of the overflow Ball Grinding Machine;

Disadvantages: The structure is complicated, it is easy to block the grid plate during mine discharge, and the maintenance is difficult and complicated, and the operation rate is relatively low.

Overflow Ball Grinding Machine

Advantages: simple structure and convenient maintenance. Because the discharge pipe is cast with reverse thread, large ore and steel ball are not easy to be discharged outside the machine;

Disadvantages: The production capacity per unit volume is low, and it is easy to produce excessive pulverization.

Both Ball Grinding Machines have their own characteristics in terms of use and performance. Users need to specify their own production requirements, rough or fine grinding, and the amount of production required, in order to choose the most suitable type of Ball Grinding Machine.

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