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Analysis Of The Causes Of Slag From Gypsum Grinding Machine

Gypsum Grinding Machine slag refers to the standard wind that can blow the material. The metal and large-density mixed stones mixed in the material fall from the nozzle ring and are removed by the scraper. Therefore, there is a small amount of debris. The process of discharge. If the amount of slag is small, we can ignore it for a while, but if the amount of slag is obviously increased, it needs to be adjusted in time to stabilize the working condition. The reason for causing the Gypsum Grinding Machine to slag is described below.

1. The Material Of The Gypsum Grinding Machine Mixed Silo Is Seriously Isolated.

When the bin level is low, the bulk material is concentrated and falls, the material grinding time is not enough, and the coarse powder overflows from the tap hole.

2, Gypsum Grinding Machine System Ventilation Imbalance

Due to misalignment of the gas flow meter or other reasons, the system ventilation is greatly reduced. The reduction in wind speed at the spout ring causes a large amount of slag.

3. The Gypsum Grinding Machine System Has Serious Air Leakage

Although the air volume at the fan and the gas flow meter is not reduced, due to a large amount of air leakage from the Gypsum Grinding Machine and the grinding pipe, the cyclone cylinder, the dust collector, etc., the wind speed at the nozzle ring is lowered, and the slag is severe.

4. The Ventilation Area Of ​​The Gypsum Grinding Machine Spout Ring Is Too Large

This phenomenon usually occurs on mills with poor grindability of materials. Due to poor wearability, the capacity of the Gypsum Grinding Machine selected to maintain the same stage capacity is large, the output is not increased, and the ventilation volume does not need to be synchronized according to the specification. Increase, but the area of ​​the spout ring increases. If the ventilation area is not reduced in time, the air velocity of the nozzle ring is lower and the slag is more.

5. Damage To The Internal Seal Of The Gypsum Grinding Machine

There are two upper and lower sealing devices between the disc holder and the lower frame of the Gypsum Grinding Machine. If the seal is damaged in these places, the air leakage will be severe, which will affect the wind speed of the spout ring and cause the slag to increase.

6. The Gap Between The Grinding Disc And The Nozzle Ring Of The Gypsum Grinding Machine Increases.

The gap is generally 5 to 8 mm. If the iron member for adjusting the gap is worn or dropped, the gap is increased, and hot air passes through the gap, thereby reducing the wind speed at the nozzle ring and causing an increase in the amount of slag.

7, The Gypsum Grinding Machine Grinding Pressure Is Too Low

The normal grinding pressure of the Gypsum Grinding Machine is 9~12MPa. When the grinding pressure is lower than 9MPa, the thickness of the material layer in the grinding is higher than the retaining ring. The material is scattered to the surrounding under the centrifugal force of the grinding disc, and the bulk slag is spit.

8, Gypsum Grinding Machine Nozzle Ring Wear Is Serious

Due to the serious wear of the nozzle ring, a good swirling wind cannot be formed in the grinding chamber, and the wind pressure is unbalanced or the air velocity of the nozzle ring is insufficient to cause slag.

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